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10th July 20
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Letters to Parents

Sport Relief Day - Friday 13th March letter & sponsor form - please click here

Mr Suligowski Paternity Leave


Mr Suligowski Paternity Leave from Monday 24th February and will return on Monday 9th March - please click here

Parents Evening Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th February


Bikeability for Year 5 pupils - Week beginning 23rd March 2020 - please click here

Mobile Consent  : Adobe Acrobat file (315k)

Mobile Consent Letter & Form to be completed for all pupils who bring or may bring a mobile phone to school - please click here

Milk Letter - Spring Term 2020 - please click here

Santa's Grotto : Adobe Acrobat file (239k)

Santa's Grotto - Wednesday 11th December 2019

Year 4 - Soup Allotment Visit for Art Gene Project - Tuesday 8th October 2019



Year 4 will be going to a Soup Allotment at Mill Lane, Walney for the Art Gene Project on Tuesday 8th October from 9am – 12pm where they will take part in sketching and photographing plants. Children should come to school for the normal time to be transported by coach and will return in time for lunch. During the afternoon they will take part in workshops continuing on from the morning’s theme.

Kind Regards

Miss Goulding

Year 6 - Transition morning to Walney School - Tuesday 8th October 2019



Year 6 will be going to Walney School for a Transition Morning on Tuesday 8th October. Children should come to school for 8.35am as will be transported by coach to Walney School and will return in time for lunch.

Kind Regards

Mrs Rushton

Year 6 - STEM Transition Morning - Friday 4th October 2019



Year 6 will be taking part in a STEM Transition Morning at Furness Academy on Friday 4th October. Children need to be in school for 8.40am and will be transported by coach to Furness Academy. Lunch is provided by Furness Academy before returning to school at 12.30pm

Kind Regards

Mrs Rushton

Open Evening - New Parents Wednesday 10th July 2019



Welcome to St. James’ CE Junior School !

We are so glad that you have chosen our school for your child to attend.

Our prospectus tells you all about the school, what we offer and what you can expect from us. But just to make sure that you know what our school is all about and you have all the information you need before September, we will be having a School Open Evening on Wednesday 10th July 3.30pm - 5.30pm.  (Unfortunately due to the new school layout we cannot accommodate children's trolleys in the building.)

This is a School Open Evening for current and prospective parents and pupils.

New Year 3 Intake for September 2019 have:

· Been sent a School Prospectus

· Received a pack of forms that need to be filled in and returned to the School’s Main Office. 

· Visited St James’ several times (brought by Infant School Teachers) to look around school and    meet everyone

· An invitation to come to the School Open Evening on Wednesday 10th July 3.00 -  5.30 pm

There will be an information brochure additional to the Prospectus for you to pick up at school.

St James’ Teachers will be visiting your child at their infant school in the next few weeks. This Open Evening is for parents and pupils attending school now and starting with us in September 2019.

We realise that some children can find the transition from Infant to Junior School a little worrying and therefore we hope that the liaison with the infant schools, the visits and the Open Evening will all help before the children arrive in September.

The Open Evening is an opportunity for you and your child to come to the school to look around, see displays of children’s work and talk to Teaching Staff, Senior Teaching Assistants, the Special Needs Co-ordinator, Midday Staff, the School Secretaries and Governors.

(Please be aware that all current pupils and their parents will also be present on the night looking through work that has been completed during this year.)

We will also have other agencies and displays in the School Hall:

· Representatives from the Academy Kitchens with samples of meals from the school’s hot dinner menu     (The Academy provide our hot school meals.)

· Samples of the school uniform - Matalan, Marks and Spencer, Identity, Tesco etc.

· Home School Reading Books, Homework Books, examples of weekly spellings and times tables tests etc

Please join us on Wednesday 10th July 3.30 - 5.30 pm.

KS1-KS2 Transition Meeting

There will be a meeting for you (New Year  3 Parents)  at 2.30pm on Wednesday 10th July. This is to pass on information and discuss the transition from KS1-KS2 for September and so it is adults only (if that is possible). If you are not able to attend please contact school.





Parents Open Evening - Wednesday 10th July 2019



This will give you and your child an opportunity to look at his/her work, see displays in classrooms and chat to Teachers, it is not a formal consultation evening as you will have already received your child’s report. 

(Please be aware that all prospective pupils and their parents joining us in September 2019 will also be present on the night looking around school).

We will also have other agencies and displays in the School Hall:

· Representatives from the Academy Kitchens with samples of meals from the school’s hot dinner menu       (The Academy provide our hot school meals.)

· Samples of the school uniform - Matalan, Marks and Spencer, Identity etc.

· Home School Reading Books, Homework Books, examples of weekly spellings and times tables                tests etc.

Please join us on Wednesday 10th July 3.30 - 5.30pm Reports to parents will be going out  today Monday 8th July (don’t forget to return the slip on your child's report with your comments). 


Pupil Reports


2nd July 2019

Dear Parent/ Carer

Your child’s report will be sent home next week Monday 8th July (Year 6 SATs Results Tuesday 9th July).

You will see that the design has changed as we have reviewed it to make it ‘less wordy’ and more user friendly. This format is more in line with our assessment system and government standards and expectations. 

It is now divided into:

General Comments on behaviour in and out of class, ability to work co-operatively and independently, presentation of work and homework. These are graded from Excellent to Requires Improvement.

Subject Comments which grades each subject for Effort, Progress and Attainment (National Expected Standard).     Graded 1 – 5

Targets for Next Year. These are very important and once achieved will improve your child’s learning, progress and overall standard.

Comments on Overall Progress which is a general overview of this academic year.

Pupil Comments noting achievements, clubs attended, responsibilities and hopes for next year.

Parental Comments - please sign the slip at the front of the report and add your comments.

We hope you are pleased with the new format and the actual report itself.

Yours sincerely                                                   

Angela Rawlinson

Head Teacher

Sports Day Thursday 27th June2019


Dear Parents/Carers


We hope to have our annual Sports Day on Thursday 27th June (tomorrow) on the School Field.  It will start at approximately 1.15pm and will finish at approximately 3.30pm.

We hope that you will attend the event to support and encourage the children. 

Pupils will sit in their class groups on the Duke Street side of the field below the running track whilst Parents and other Family members will be above the track on the Bath Street side.

If little ones come to watch we would ask you to make sure that they keep clear of all activities and remain seated with you. This also applies to pupils from Brisbane Park Infant School if they join us at 3pm as we have a packed schedule and would not want anybody to get hurt.

Please be advised that we will not be taking chairs down to the field and so if parents wish they may bring their own.

On Thursday morning children should come to school ready for Sports Day in their PE Kit (white polo shirt or T-shirt, navy or black school shorts and red school sweatshirt with plimsolls or trainers). Everyone should bring a water bottle or bottle of water. All pupils will return to school after the event is finished to take everything back and collect their belongings. They will then be dismissed from school as usual.

The weather forecast for Thursday is full sun and 23º and so it is important for parents to apply sun cream before school and for children to also bring a hat.

At the moment the children are practising really hard so it should be a great event.

Yours sincerely

Miss Rawlinson               Mrs Merritt              

Head Teacher                    PE Subject Leader


Year 5 Transition Day 21st June2019




Pupils in Year 5 will be attending a Transition Day at Furness Academy on Friday (21st June). They should arrive at school for 8.30am in full school uniform and will be transported to and from the Academy.

Lunch will be provided but they can bring their own packed lunch if they prefer to.

They will return to school at approximately 12.40pm.

Kind regards

Mrs Stephens            Mrs Merritt

Years 6 ‘Reproduction’ – Monday 20th May 2019


Dear Parent / Carer

Years 6  ‘Reproduction’ –  Monday 20th May 2019

It is a requirement of the National Curriculum that Relationship and Sex education (RSE) is taught to children.  In order to fulfil this Donna Moore, a Specialist Health Educator, is coming into school on Monday 20th May to show a DVD and talk about ‘How a baby’s made’ and ‘How a baby’s born’.

The talk and DVD is normally followed up with relevant worksheets that the children will bring home for you to look at and discuss with them should you wish to do so.  Any issues that arise are dealt with sensitively.

We have arranged with Donna that her contact details are available from school if anyone would like to talk to her about the content of the lesson and DVD shown.

Should you not wish your child to take part in this lesson, please contact us at school.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Mrs  Rushton                                              Mrs Merritt

Class 6R/Assistant Head Teacher                Class 5/6M Teacher


The Daily Mile : Adobe Acrobat file (212.8k)

Image result for the daily mile

Year 5 Visit to Furness Academy - Monday 21st January 2019





Pupils in Year 5 will be visiting Furness Academy on Monday morning. They will need to be in school for 8.30am.  Transport is provided to and from the Academy.  Children will also need to have their PE Kit in school with them for this.

Lunch is provided by the Academy or your child may bring their own packed lunch if preferred.

Kind regards

Mrs Stephens       Mrs Merritt